People ask us all the time why we decided to become an Athletic Therapist. I think people expect to hear- “because I like sports” or “because I didn’t get in to ___ ( insert random other professional program that isn’t nearly as cool…)”. But no… that’s not why.

We do what we do because we believe that you deserve someone in your corner (sports analogy intended!). Your health care provider should do everything in their power to make you feel your best. They should care, and listen, and work with you, your body and your injury. And at Competitive Edge, we will. We will not stop until you feel 100%- or better than what you thought 100% felt like! We believe that every body, every person, every injury, and even sometimes every stage of recovery needs a different and perfect concoction of variables. We are 100% as dedicated to your recovery as you are (if not more!). And we will do whatever it takes. Because our dream is to help you live yours! Whether your dream is to feel well enough to chase your children or grandchildren around the park, or to conquer that hike or marathon you have your sites set on, or to kick @** this sport season. We want this for you. We believe that you deserve this. You deserve to work with a health care provider that is THE best at what they do. Who will use every tool in their tool box to get you where you want to be. And when our tools aren’t enough or aren’t what you need at that specific moment- we will find someone to do for you what we can’t. YOU and your progress and goals deserve to be our main and only priority.

This is why we spend the entire hour one on one with you. No one else matters in that time. You deserve our time and attention. This is why we are constantly learning and trying new things- we want to be the best for you. Your recovery and your treatment plan will be as completely unique ( and sometimes just as wacky!) as you are.

Now get out there, do your exercises, conquer the world and make us proud!!!


Written by Lindsay Ibey, Certified Athletic Therapist



If you feel like you have tried everything under the sun and you just can’t seem to tackle that nagging injury or achy spot- book in to see on our our Athletic Therapists. This is what we do. Let us help!

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