What the heck is ATHLETIC therapy?

   Wednesday, December 11, 2019

   Competitive Edge

What kind of therapy?Athletic Therapy???

So you’ve probably heard that Competitive Edge has opened up a satellite location in Spectrum Therapeutics offering Athletic Therapy in South Calgary!

“Great- sounds awesome- what do they do?”

“They are Athletic Therapists”

what the heck is athletic therapy?!

So What Does An Athletic Therapist Do?

Athletic Therapists specialize in injuries. And the Competitive Edge team is all about finding the root cause of your injury so we can kick it to the curb once and for all!

Is An Athletic Therapist Kind of Like a Physiotherapist?

Athletic Therapy is the most similar to physiotherapy but more specialized (and an entirely separate profession!) . We go to school for the same length of time but instead of learning numerous topics, we focus on injuries to muscles, bones, joints , nerves, concussions, etc. We spend an entire hour one on one with you, providing hands on treatment to uncover and correct the root cause of your injury ( it might not be what you think! Check out this article if you don’t believe me). We also give you specialized exercises to do from home to help speed up the recovery process and to decrease your pain in the mean time! Our overall goal is not just to get you well enough to go from point A to B. We want to get you back to doing everything you LOVE to do; without ever hesitating again!

So if you’ve been struggling with an injury, ache or pain that you just can’t get rid of and you’re sick of letting in run your life! Come see an Athletic Therapist and see how a new approach might be exactly what you need!

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