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Athletic Therapy Success Story: A Team Approach to Concussions

As many of you know, our clinic is comprised of only Athletic Therapists who assess, treat and rehabilitate injuries. Each of us has gone on to take different continuing education courses to specialize and enhance our skills in areas that we each individually are interested in. One of the biggest benefits of having a variety of skill sets is that we are able to refer our patients in house to one another to give our patients a well-rounded approach to their treatment plan.

One of our patients who suffered a concussion came in with a variety of symptoms that ranged from mild to moderate in severity. She was very sensitive to even the smallest movements and gentle treatment techniques. With a history of 5 previous concussions she has also been dealing with the residual effects involving her jaw and other structures in the skull and neck area. Needless to say, she was in a lot of pain from both her previous and current concussion.


To help calm everything down, we started our concussion treatment with some gentle Craniosacral techniques to helped release some restrictions in the skull, mobilize the fluid around the brain and relax the central nervous system. Once she was less sensitive and her symptoms reduced, we began to treat other aspects of her injury such as the muscles of the eye and jaw with Neurokinetic Therapy to find compensation patterns of the muscles that help that area function normally. This team approach to concussion treatment worked wonderfully! With our different skills sets we were able to alternate concussion treatment techniques back and forth. We found this approach to be one of the most successful we have ever had when treating patients with concussions! This “one-two-bam” tactic (as our client affectionately refers to it) allowed the patient to achieve and correct the imbalances she had going on, without consistently flaring the area up. With this method we were able to reduce to recovery time and she is well on her way to being almost completely symptom free!

Written by Kirsten Toth in collaboration with Lindsay Ibey,

Certified Athletic Therapists


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