Do You Have Arthritis? Here Is What We Encourage You To Do

   Friday, August 5, 2022

   Lindsay Langlais

If you think you have arthritis, know that you do, AND especially if you’ve been told that there is nothing that can be done- you need to watch this video!   Not All Pain is Arthritis

Are you Frozen? Get out of the Physical and Mental Circle of Pain.

   Friday, April 10, 2020

   Competitive Edge

No, this is not another opportunity to complain about the weather or a Disney audition. We know that the world around us has changed drastically,…

Gettin’ on my Nerves!

   Wednesday, May 22, 2019

   Competitive Edge

The nervous system is an interesting interconnected system. Even though our injuries may not present with the normal burning and tingling sensations that generally stem from a nerve injury there can still be a restriction. This creates neural tension in the system, and can sometimes make us feel “weaker”. What Do Your Nerves Do? Your nerves have three properties that they…

Home Treatment for Foot Pain

   Wednesday, June 13, 2018

   Competitive Edge

Plantar Fasciitis can be a very debilitating injury that can limit activity and may cause you to take time off work. Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament that runs along the bottom of your feet.  It is caused by an excessive stretch, overloading or strain to cause micro-tears in the tissue. Plantar Fasciitis…

Treatment is Only Half The Battle

   Wednesday, May 16, 2018

   Competitive Edge

Wouldn’t it be amazing if that nagging pain could be healed in one treatment, without any additional work needed at home! There can be drastic improvements over a treatment, of which some last for a few days and some for a few hours. However, the majority of the time the work done by the therapist is only one of…

Muscle Soreness vs. Injury Pain

   Monday, April 2, 2018

   Competitive Edge

As your Athletic Therapist, we ask about your pain a lot. We use your pain scale as a diagnostic tool, to help us create your individualized treatment plan, as a progression marker and as a guide to create the most effective rehab exercises for you. But there are two general types of pain you may be feeling,…

The Many Faces of Sciatica!

   Wednesday, May 3, 2017

   Competitive Edge

Hola readers!  Sciatica is one of those elusive things that every adult thinks they know what it is, knows someone who has struggled with it, or has dealt with some type of it in the past. So what really is sciatica anyways? True sciatica is caused by compression on the sciatic nerve, and is marked by…

Athletic Therapy Success Story – Diastasis Recti and Hip Pain

   Monday, January 23, 2017

   Competitive Edge

This success story is a little different. I went home for the holidays, and a friend of mine was telling me about her “journey” with Diastasis Recti, and anterior hip pain. Diastasis Recti is when you have a separation in the front of your abdominal wall.  Because of this separation, during and after activity, my friend gets…

Hear what our clients are saying
about us

She suffered with Bunions for Years!

We helped her avoid surgery, get back to her activities and have more freedom in her footwear!

Multiple Injuries and Consistent Progress

Meet Peter! We have helped him with not one, not two… but three different injuries! He is back on his feet and is training to backpack across Scotland in the “the great outdoor challenge” with his two sons!!

Foot Pain Relief When Nothing Else Worked!

This is Lori! Check out her story about how we were able to resolve her foot pain when physio, orthotics and stretching didn’t work!

Try it- It’s better than anything I’ve tried

” I’m happier because I’m not in as much pain. You know by the team you leave, you’re going to feel way better. Try it! It’s better than anything I’ve tried. And I’ve tried everything”

They answer ALL of my questions

” I like that I can speak openly with the Athletic Therapist I work with.- She’s answering all of my questions so it makes me understand what is happening”

Don’t Think It’s For Athlete’s Only!

” … It’s the best kept secret. Don’t let the name Athletic Therapy fool you. It’s for everyone and it will help you!-  If you  haven’t done it, you need to do it. It’s life changing”

Worried about her ability to do her job!

This is Jennifer. She injured her shoulder doing an exercise class. Other therapies didn’t work and she began to worry about her ability to do her job!

When No One Understands Your Pain

Paula thought her pain was in her head because no one was able to explain or relieve it….. until someone recommended us!

Our Clients have some things to tell You

Here’s what our clients said when we asked them “What would you say to anyone suffering with an injury, ache or pain?”

Mom of 2 recovered from Shoulder and Foot Pain

“I had some chronic pain that got to a point where I said… I don’t want to live like this! I’m still young. I have 2 children.”


Where you feel the pain isn’t necessarily where it is!

“I would say give it a try. You don’t know unless you try and I was the same. It was a life/ game changer because it was so different. It is definitely worth your health and why wouldn’t you if it’s going to make you feel better”

Find The Root Cause To Fix Your Back Pain

Check out Amy’s story about how we were able to help her get her life back! She is once again hiking, boxing, and able to make it through work without back pain.

Back Pain, hip tightness, kidney stones

This is one of our amazing clients, Sherry. Check out her story about how we were able to resolve not only her hip tightness and back pain but to also help her avoid surgery for her kidney stones! Amazing client success story! Thanks Sherry!

Frozen Shoulder that moves again!

Check out Bens story about dislocating BOTH his shoulders, having surgery, getting frozen shoulder and how we were able to work WITH his physiotherapist in a team approach that got him back moving again!