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Athletic Therapy Success Story: Neck Pain and Your Eyes!

Let me begin by explaining a little more about what I do. I primarily use a technique called “NKT” ( Neurokinetic Therapy) to help eliminate people’s pain. NKT is non-traditional to put it mildly. And it works like nothing you’ve experienced before!

NKT looks at how your brain controls your body and how it develops compensation patterns. It helps me pinpoint which muscle is not activating properly and which ones are overworking to compensate. These compensation patterns tend to create a chain reaction. You hurt yourself in some way (sometimes minor things you don’t even remember). And because your body wants to avoid pain, it creates a compensation pattern to keep you doing the things you need to. Because of this one compensation pattern, another muscle or group of muscles is affected and your body creates a second compensation, and then a third, and a fourth. You get where I’m going with this!

I have been treating a client with extreme one sided neck pain that when at it’s worst radiates down her arm. Her pain revolved around one specific muscle in her neck that was working it’s butt off  24/7 to keep her head up and safe. The secondary compensations were causing tightness and restriction that was impinging on a nerve and causing the radiating down her arm.



Our mission: to find out why that one muscle was working so hard and to help it turn off when it needs to.

Strangely enough- the only thing that allowed this muscle to turn off and rest momentarily was looking her eyes up! We began some gentle corrections on the muscles that move the eyes. The muscles in charge of looking up were overworking because the muscles that look the eye down were not activating the way that they should. We corrected this pattern, taught the eyes muscles how to work equally and …. that muscle in her neck finally turned off and relaxed – eliminating her neck pain! The muscle in her neck was not the primary root cause, it was just a secondary compensation; a result of a chain reaction because of a compensation with her eye muscles.


Strange but amazing. I know!

We spent another appointment  correcting compensations in her eye and neck and now her pain and tightness is completely resolved!

Just because a muscle is tight, does not mean that it needs an aggressive, painful release.  Listen to what your body is trying to tell you and work with it to resolve the root cause!
Written by Lindsay Ibey, Certified Athletic Therapist

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