Wrist Injury
Everyone has experienced cracking sounds coming from one of their joints but should we be alarmed when it does happen? Many people tend to associate joint cracking with an injury such as arthritis for example but the research behind the anatomy and physiology of the human body demonstrates that there’s more to it.

According to research, the most common explanation for joint audible sounds results from cavitation which is when gas bubbles break the fluid barrier in our joints. This is a normal process called articular release and it occurs throughout the body either audibly or silently.


So why do some people like going to their Chiropractor to get their back “cracked” but others fear any noise coming from their joints and assume there’s an injury present? It comes down to education and being aware of normal physiological events that need to occur in our body.


Why Pain & Cracking Means Athletic Therapy

The most important aspect to remember when it comes to joint sounds is if there’s a presence of pain associated with the “cracking”. In this case, it could potentially indicate a sign of arthritis where the cartilage is worn down and allows the bones to rub together. If this is something that you’re experiencing, an Athletic Therapist can help alleviate your pain and put together a personalized rehabilitation program for you to be able to function on a day to day basis without being in constant agony.


To sum everything up, if you experience joint sounds don’t automatically assume the worst. Try to determine if there’s a cause to the articular release and be aware of any pain associated to it first – don’t jump to the conclusion that its arthritis.


When in doubt, book an appointment with an Athletic Therapist to determine if your joint sounds are a physiological event or an injury and how we can work together to ensure your health and well-being is at an optimal level.


Written by Marilyne Doucet
Certified Athletic Therapist

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