Rest isn’t always best!

One of our favorite things to say here at Competitive Edge is “movement is medicine”. But why is that? Why does movement matter so much?

It matters because it is the root of everything we do as people.


My doctor said not to move?

It is often common that some doctors want you to just rest and not move too much. This can certainly be the case if you have broken a bone or if you’ve recently had surgery for something major. However, this shouldn’t be a general rule of thumb.

The more we can move the more we can help push out the crud that is lingering in the tissue. If we have a high build up of these particles in the system they tend to fester and limit the amount of mobility you have. Therefore making movement even harder to obtain and the longer you may be stationary.


What about R.I.C.E.?

It’s very well known that people will use the following acronym for R.I.C.E., which stands for: rest, ice, compression, elevation.

But… we actually want to promote some level of motion or mobility rather than full on rest. Additionally, there are a number of studies that show a lack of benefit to ice in early stages as it limits the inflammation phase of healing. Believer it or not, we actually want a little bit of inflammation! It helps get the proper recruitment agents out there and better assist with the healing process overall. The more you can keep lightly active even just doing gentle pain free range of motion the better you will come out of it!


Movement is Medicine

The reason movement is so good for us is it helps to:


  1. Aids in recovery
  2. Helps promote tissue flushing
  3. Prevents losing significant range of motion
  4. Decreases the amount of muscle wasting that could happen
  5. Helps give you a slightly active recovery
  6. Empowers the individual to not feel too limited


Pain can feel bad enough. We know you are missing out on the things you love which can affect your mental well being. It can often make you feel like you may not be able to return to that activity or be able to do as much with your family and friends as you would like to.

The more we can encourage even just a little bit of motion the better! People come out of it stronger and feeling more able to return to the things they love!


What can we do?

Our therapists can help give you the tools to be the best version of yourself! By taking a steps by step approach, we can help assist you to getting back to everything you like to do.

Movement is medicine but, also we are here to help guide you back effectively. We will help guide you about when to push and progress more and where we may need to make some adjustments if you’ve gone too hard. We are here to help guide you back to the life you wish to lead!


If you’re ready to start feeling better and stop just resting- Click HERE to speak with a therapist