Rehab Products for Sale!

   Tuesday, April 2, 2019

   Competitive Edge

Below is a list of products that we sell in our clinic to help you take your recovery from the clinic, back home! If you wish to purchase one of these products at a time when you do not have an appointment, please just send us an email at We will have your desired product ready for you when you arrive!


1.) Foam Rollers!

Choose from either a full length or travel sized foam roller to do your own massage and myofascial release at home in between appointments.



2.) Hand-held roller ( or “Tiger tail” or “Stick” roller)

This roller is great for those hard to roll places likes your outer calf and shin and for the super sensitive areas where a traditional roller would be too intense ( like those tight IT bands of yours!)



3.) Lacrosse Balls!

A single lacrosse ball is an awesome way to release those pin-point or deep spots like your back, the back of your shoulder, pec or deep calf.  The double lacrosse ball or “peanut” is essential for anyone with pain or tension at the base of the skull or anywhere on either side of the spine!




4.) Powerstep Shoe Inserts/ Over the Counter Orthotic Insert

Our Powerstep brand inserts provide professional quality support for your foot without having to break the bank on custom orthotics. The Powerstep Full Length are ideal for athletic shoes, cleats or men’s shoes. The Powerstep Slender fit are made to fit in to women’s shoes like flats, boots, and even heels!



Now remember that rolling or self releases of any kind should not be painful! Mild discomfort is ok but if it ever progresses towards pain, back off the pressure or change to a different technique that is more tolerable. You always want to be able to breath and relax through-out. Reach out to us if you’re not sure if a particular technique is beneficial or not.



Need some guidance about which product would be best for you? Reach out to us at with your question and we will steer you in the right direction!


– The Competitive Edge Team