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Marilyne Doucet

Certified Athletic Therapist

Marilyne played many sports growing up but ringette has always been her passion and where she achieved her dreams of playing in the Canada Winter Games as well as the National Ringette League. Experiencing different injuries as an athlete is what allowed her to develop an interest of the human body and physical activity. Originally from New Brunswick, Marilyne received her Kinesiology Degree from Université de Moncton. She then relocated to Ontario where she graduated from Sheridan College with honours in Athletic Therapy. She loves incorporating education in her appointments so that you can have a better understanding of your injury and your body. She also focuses on providing the best care possible so that you can return to do what you love. She looks forward to taking different continuing education courses to gain more knowledge and further improve her skills. On her free time Marilyne likes to stay active, read, and stay in touch with family and friends.

Ally Lo

Certified Athletic Therapist

Growing up playing basketball and other sports, Ally has always been passionate about helping everyone to excel in their sports, everyday life and overcome their injuries that became “roadblocks” in life. Fun fact, Ally was born and raised in Hong Kong! She decided to move to Calgary in 2012 to pursue her passion and education in Athletic Therapy. One of her main goals in the field of Athletic Therapy is to educate the population to be as knowledgeable as possible about how their body works, guiding them to take the best path on the road of recovery and maximizing performance. When she isn’t working at the clinic, you will find her playing the piano/ guitar, writing a song or filming her travels!

Brodie Lefaivre

Certified Athletic Therapist

Brodie's passion to become an Athletic Therapist started from playing multiple sports growing up from court sports like volleyball and basketball all the way to gymnastics and skiing. Being raised in Canmore she was always surrounded by adventure and a very active atmosphere. As she grew up she began fostering an interest for how the body performs all of these sports and how big of an impact an injury can have on your athletics and your day to day life. She graduated from the University of Calgary with an Undergrad in Kinesiology and obtained her Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy from the University of Mount Royal. She loves learning and she loves teaching so during your treatment with Brodie she will be sure to explain and teach you what she is finding and why she is choosing certain treatment methods to help you get back to your active life. When Brodie is not in the clinic you can find her outside either camping in the summer or skiing in the winter. She loves exploring and being with family and friends.

Lindsay Langlais (Ibey)

Certified Athletic Therapist

Lindsay helps busy Moms and Dads who feel like they are falling apart at the seams to finally find some time to put themselves back together!

Lindsay believes that your deserve more than the same old ineffective treatment at every single appointment for weeks and months at a time. She understands that your injury ( or let's be honest- injuries!) didn't come from one particular thing but YEARS of work and play. An injury with multiple causes deserves a treatment plan that is an unique as you are and she is prepared to use all of the tricks up her sleeve to address every single factor.

As a new Mom, but also a wife, Athletic Therapist and a business owner, Lindsay gets that you're not always at the top of your own priority list. And those little aches and pains slowly turned in to bigger and bigger pains and layers of compensation patterns that now need to be unraveled!
If you are open- minded to a ton of variety during your appointments and willing to think about your body and your pain different, then Lindsay is the therapist you need to see!

Carly Kolesnik

Certified Athletic Therapist

Carly’s desire to become an Athletic Therapist stemmed from experiencing her own injuries and dealing with frustrations within the rehabilitation process. She was born and raised in Innisfail Alberta and after playing multiple sports in high school, went on to play varsity basketball at Red Deer College. During her time as an athlete, some may say Carly was just a small town girl, living in an “injured” world. She found a passion for helping others not only overcome their injuries, but to understand how they can help themselves. Don’t be surprised when she talks about body awareness in your appointment! After graduating from the University of Alberta with Bachelor of Kinesiology and sport performance she obtained her Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy from the University of Mount Royal. Now Carly fills her a passion to learn by eagerly waiting for the next continuing education course she can take. She enjoys working through compensation patterns and finding dysfunctions within the kinetic chain. (Yes an issue in your foot can impact your neck). As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA),  Carly uses the scientific principles for increasing athletic performance as a foundation for optimizing everyday biomechanics in a variety of populations. When Carly is not in the clinic she is likely going on adventures with friends, at the gym, or talking about how she wants to go to Disneyworld. She also really wants a dog !

Michelle Gaudet

Certified Athletic Therapist

Through taking Sports Medicine classes in Highschool Michelle developed a interest towards helping athletes recover from sport related injuries. Being an Athletic Therapist has given her the power to embrace this passion. She received her Kinesiology degree at the University of Lethbridge, and obtained her Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy at Mount Royal University. She loves to learn and incorporate techniques from continuing education courses. Her focus is on manual therapies that can help facilitate the rehabilitation process. Michelle uses a combination of Craniosacral Therapy and Neuromeningeal Manipulation techniques to help the body self correct and adjust to the biomechanical changes. In her free time Michelle plays ringette, and shows her Shiba-Inus in conformation dog shows throughout Canada.

Taffin Evans

Certified Athletic Therapist

Taffin helps athletes who are sick of sitting out and want to get back to their busy and active lifestyle – preferably yesterday.

Taffin understands that you want to stay active and involved in your sport during your recovery. She gets how many years of hard work and dedication it takes to be an athlete and wants to get you back to your sport as quickly as possible. Not only that but she wants to keep you in your sport long after your recovery without becoming a bandaid.

Growing up playing hockey, Taffin understands being sidelined by an injury and the impact it can have on your life. Her current life keeps her busy as she is always on the go with various sports and activities and understands not wanting to slow down.
If you want to get back to your sport or activity without warming the bench, schedule to speak with Taffin about how she can help.

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