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Meet the Team behind Competitive Edge

At Competitive Edge Sport Therapy, we help active adults and athletes who feel like they have tried it all to finally resolve their pain and get back to the life they love… without ever juggling more than one client at a time and without ever leaving you hooked up to some unknown device! When you attend an appointment with us, you are one on one with your therapist for your entire appointment! We won’t leave your side!

Speak with a Therapist
Speak with a Therapist

Our Story

Competitive Edge Sport Therapy was founded on a strong belief that you deserve better! We believe that you deserve better than to sit in a waiting room long after the start of your appointment time only to have a few rushed minutes with your practitioner. You deserve more than just a “bandaid” approach which will only serves to dull your pain temporarily until it once again comes screeching back in to your life. And you most definitely deserve better than a distracted practitioner who is juggling multiple clients at the same time, repeating the same ineffective treatment for every single one of your appointments and every single other client.

YOU and your pain is unique! And we believe you deserve the best. So at Competitive Edge, we vow that you will always have our undivided one on one attention for the entire duration of your appointment. We will listen and understand your pain and how it affects your life and apply our expertise to not only get you feeling better but to get you back to the active life you want to live.

The Beginning

The Beginning

Competitive Edge Sport Therapy was founded by Certified Athletic Therapist, Sarah McLaren in 2012. Soon after, Sarah decided to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor and started med school! Friend and previous coworker, Lindsay Langlais soon joined the team and took over running and growing the business.

The Owner

Lindsay grew up on a farm and is no stranger to hard work. She approaches her work with passion and determination. She knew from a young age that she wanted to help people and decided at the ripe old age of 13 that she would become an Athletic Therapists and a clinic owner. Competitive Edge is her life’s work, her heart and soul, and other than being a mother and wife, the most fulfilling part of her life.

On the rare ocassion when Lindsay isn’t dedicating her time to her clinic, she can be found with her 1 year old son and her husband. She also enjoys traveling and has had many adventures including hiking Macchu Pichu, the Great Wall of China and hanging out with the wild silver back gorillas in Uganda.

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