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March 23, 2017
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May 3, 2017
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‘Many of you might be wondering what I was doing in London England the other week. I was taking a specialized course called “Neuromeningeal Manipulation. That’s a big fancy word that basically is all about nerve mobility. Our nerves need to be able to slide and glide. When they don’t, we experience symptoms such as burning, achy pain, stiff joints, headaches, neck pain, numbness, tingling, among other stuff. That course was all about getting nerves their proper mobility back. It is a very gentle technique, that is pain-free. I recently had a patient to who had been concussed, and came to me with a 7/10 headache, pressure in her head, neck pain, and a plethora of other symptoms.
I found that the bones in the front of her head had shifted, causing a decrease in nerve mobility. After a couple sessions working through the bones in her skull and surrounding nerves, she is now 100% symptom free and back to full activity.


After any type of trauma, some of your symptoms might be from secondary reactions. That means that even if you have something that “can’t be fixed” like arthritis, concussions, degenerative disk disease, or other such conditions, we can still reduce or eliminate the secondary factors causing pain and symptoms. Don’t just live in chronic pain, see if an athletic therapist can help.

Written by Micah Reim, Certified Athletic Therapist


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