The human body has intervertebral discs between vertebrae which provide shock absorption and separation. Throughout the day, these discs get compressed and can then become the culprit. The typical scenario is when you bend over to one side and try to lift something using primarily your back while also twisting. The “bulging” disc is when the disc has been squished, which does not always mean pain. When the protruding disc puts a pressure on the nerve root, there can be a variety of symptoms. However, a large portion of the population have protruding discs without any symptoms.  

Our Success Story

One client came into our Calgary injury clinic completely hunched over and barely able to stand, let alone walk. He was using a walking cane and appeared to be around 80 years of age, when he was actually around 60 years. He complained of back pain and numbness and tingling into his lower leg. He then claimed it was his disc and wanted me to solely work on that. After going through a thorough assessment and various nerve and disc tests, there was nothing. I wasn’t surprised. Feeling around the low back, there were minimal issues. When finally, I pressed on a few spots in his gluteus medius and BAM there was the numbness and tingling. After completing the assessment, the final consensus was gluteus medius trigger points. So we treated as such, providing a release and then prescribing exercises. After the treatment, there he was standing tall, no pain, no cane. Fast forward one week and in strolls this man looking 50 years of age, without any aids. That said, he still continued his treatments as I was able to progress his treatments and exercises so he would be able to function better every day.

Gluteus Medius is a very important muscle for stabilizing the hips and often gets neglected. If weak or inhibited, it will cause a variety of symptoms and compensation patterns. So, be sure to give those glutei medii some lovin’: give them a release with a lacrosse ball or tennis ball, do some side-lying clamshells, do some body weight squats. But FIRST get a proper assessment at a proper Calgary injury clinic so you can receive an individualized program.

Above all: live an active lifestyle and promote your own health.

Written by Harley Thwaites, Athletic Therapy Certification Candidate

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