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If you are a motivated and hard working individual who is looking for stability in their career and who thrives in a collaborative work environment, we would be pleased to hear from you! Please complete the below application and we will get in touch shortly!



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Competitive Edge. Athletic Therapist Job Posting. 2023

Osteopathic Manual Therapist Job Posting 2023

Craniosacral Therapist (RMT or similar) Job Posting 2023

Visceral Therapist (RMT or similar) Job Posting 2023

About Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge is one of the few Athletic Therapist owned clinics in Alberta! We believe deeply in educating the public and helping as many people as possible to recover from their injury and return to the life they love.

Our environment is unique in that our therapists are employees and not contractors. This provides a greater amount of career stability and affords the employees a great amount of benefit and security.

Competitive Edge is a well established and professionally managed clinic. This allows you to focus on being an amazing at your area of expertise and we look after the rest!

We believe in working as a team and utilizing each others strength.

Our Core Values




Self Development


Some of the many perks of employment at Competitive Edge include:

  • Employee structure
  • Marketing and clientele provided for you with limited expectation on you for self promotion.
  • Weekly team meetings where we educate ourselves on becoming better therapists and serving our clients to the best of our ability.
  • Continuing Education Bursary to assist you in outside continuing education.
  • Team environment of other like-minded individuals.
  • A 3 month in depth orientation process to take you to the next level.

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    What is it like working at
    Competitive Edge?

    Competitive Edge is one of the few Athletic Therapist owned clinics in Alberta! We believe deeply in educating the public and helping as many people as possible to recover from their injury and return to the life they love.

    “Competitive Edge has been such a positive and supportive working environment, from the weekly team meetings to effective collaboration with coworkers, I feel that I am constantly learning and growing as an Athletic Therapist. CE has allowed me great independence while still providing me with personal and career guidance – the opportunities for growth seem endless.”

    – Stephanie Sellan
    Certified Athletic Therapist

    “Working at Competitive Edge was a privilege in my career as an Athletic Therapist. Lindsay ensures that her staff is a close knit team by promoting a great work environment. As a business owner, she makes you feel heard, valued, and supported. I highly recommend this workplace regardless if you’re a new grad or if you have years of experience under your belt as Lindsay really tailors to your needs and ensures that you excel as a therapist in a clinical setting!”

    – Marilyne Doucet
    Certified Athletic Therapist

    “Great environment to learn and grow, with a fantastic energy. Love working with each other to collaborate and give our clients the best care!”

    – Michelle Gaudet
    Certified Athletic Therapist

    “Working for Competitive Edge has been a great learning experience. As a new graduate it is definitely different working with an older generation of general population and non-athletes compared to athletes. With guidance and patience you learn the skills to share the message of athletic therapy.”

    – Jill Purdy
    Certified Athletic Therapist

    “Positive environment with lots of opportunities to learn. Great team to work with. As a student pursuing a degree in athletic therapy, I’ve always felt supported by Lindsay and all the therapists.”

    – Christel Coronado


    “Working at Competitive  Edge has provided me a great amount of flexibility both personally and professionally.  I love working for a small female owned business with a small, close knit team where my feedback and contributions feel valued. It’s a privilege to watch my ideas be put into action.”

    – Sarah Zwodeski

    Clinic Manager

    “Competitive Edge is such a positive work environment. There is great team collaboration.
    Being in a supportive staff role and close communications with clients from their initial contact.
    It is inspiring to share and see their results and benefits from treatment to recovery to fulfilling the goals they set out to achieve. ”

    -Katie Hand

    Client Success Specialist