Athletic Therapy Success Story – Diastasis Recti and Hip Pain

   Monday, January 23, 2017

   Competitive Edge

This success story is a little different. I went home for the holidays, and a friend of mine was telling me about her “journey” with Diastasis Recti, and anterior hip pain. Diastasis Recti is when you have a separation in the front of your abdominal wall.  Because of this separation, during and after activity, my friend gets pain in her “hip flexors”.
While I was assessing her, I found some compensation patterns through her hips, as well as a misaligned pelvis.  After fixing the patterns and correcting her pelvic alignment, she went about her daily activities. She lives quite an active lifestyle, and this has been hindering her. The next day I checked in with her again, and… she wasn’t experiencing any pain through her hips! Just a bit of muscle soreness from the adjustments we had made.
This is a great example of the difference between structural and functional dysfunction.  She has a structural issue; her abs don’t connect in front. However this led to functional issues.  By correcting the way she moves through her structural issues, we were able to alleviate her hip pain.

Can Athletic Therapy Help You with Your Hip Pain?

Just because you have a structural issue that can’t be fixed, doesn’t mean we can’t reduce or eliminate your pain. Come let us assess your structural issue to see how we can help your body cope and provide some relief!
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