Your Hip Flexors are not the enemy! #stopthewaronyourhipflexors

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Your Hip Flexors are not the enemy! #stopthewaronyourhipflexors

Your hip flexors are not the enemy! When you think about it, they are pretty darn important. They allow you to lift your leg to walk and run, they hold you upright when you are seated, they allow you to bend forward to reach the ground and essentially hold your legs on to your body!

Here they are working their butt off as best they can and all they get is abuse! The health care and fitness industry is obsessed with rolling and stretching; both ignoring and beating up on the hip flexors- when in a lot of cases- they just aren’t strong enough to do the job you are asking of them. They may be neurologically inhibited meaning the more you try to force them to release, the more they tighten up to protect themselves.

This is why they  feel slightly better after rolling and stretching ( you’ve temporarily beat them in to submission) but they seem to tight right back up almost immediately after! Not because they are evil… but because you aren’t giving it what it needs.

Some gentle hip flexor activations and allowing your body to recruit your hip flexors in some natural healthy movements like a hip hinge- will go a long way to helping them perform properly and to relax off that protective tension.

Remember that when in doubt- you should be properly assessed and … not everything needs to be rolled!



Written by Lindsay Ibey,

Certified Athletic Therapist



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