Here’s why you still have Back Pain!

   Saturday, February 6, 2021

   Competitive Edge

We’ve heard it a thousand times “I still have back pain even though I’ve tried xyz for treatment already!”

Check out this video I made for you guys about why you still have back pain even though you’ve been through treatment.

Was the Back Pain treatment just a waste?

We know how frustrating it is to have invested your time, energy and money in to a form of treatment that doesn’t feel like it’s worked for you.

But we encourage you to think of your rehab like an experiment in getting to know your body and what it responds to. Sadly, in order to know what will work, you need to first know what hasn’t. That’s why when you speak with one of our therapists on the phone, this will be one of the topics we discuss ( What have you tried, did it help at all, and what aspects of it helped you). By knowing what you’ve already tried, it can help make sure we don’t make the same mistakes twice.

At Competitive Edge, our goal is to resolve the root cause of your pain. We HATE ( I know hate is a strong word but it’s how I feel!!!)… We HATE the band-aide approach around here.


Our Treatment for Back Pain is Different

Our goal is not just to slap a band-aide on it or do something to numb or ease your pain for a few hours. We want better for you.

So we always think in terms of “What is the root cause of this pain” and “What do we need to do to address that root cause and get rid of this pain forever!”

We have helped many people with their back pain when they felt like they were out of options (Check out a few of their stories HERE) They all started by speaking with one of our therapists on the phone. This helps us make sure we are the right fit for you and can help you resolve your pain before we take you on as a client.

If you are interested in speaking with a therapist, click HERE to request a call.


Types of Back Pain treatment that may only give you TEMPORARY relief

Sadly, most forms of treatment for back pain fail because they are focused on the symptom and not the cause. Here are a list of a few things that may help to ease your pain temporarily but may not be resolving the root cause

  • Heat or Ice
  • TENS ( you know those little electrode pad things they put on your back that give you a buzzing sensation)
  • Deep massage on your back
  • Cracking your back
  • Injections to your back
  • Just stretching
  • Just Rolling
  • Or… anything that is ONLY applied to your back!



A lot of these things work by placebo ( well technically it’s called “Gate theory” but I won’t bore you). They tell your brain to feel less of your back pain. But only temporarily. And mentally it feels good when someone applies a form of treatment directly where it hurts.

But… here’s the thing.

Your back pain isn’t just about your back!



What is the real root cause of my Back Pain?

We move as a whole human being and not individual parts. It’s all connected. And it is RARE that back pain is just coming from your back!  You feel the pain in your back because it is taking the added strain and stress from the other parts of your body. But the REAL root cause of your pain could be any of the following

  • Your core muscles aren’t activating properly
  • Your hips are tight or not activating from too much sitting
  • You are compensating from a previous injury elsewhere in your body
  • Your upper back is stiff from slouching causing your low back to have to move too much!
  • Your shoes aren’t giving your feet proper support leading to added strain on your back.
  • And the list goes on and on!



If you want to understand why your previous didn’t resolve your Back Pain

If you are interested in learning more about why your previous treatment didn’t resolve your back pain… well you’re in luck because I actually wrote a book about it!

Click HERE to download your free Ebook ” Resolve your Back Pain : 9 Reasons why previous treatment didn’t work”

Resovle your Back Pain


Try not to be soured by your previous treatment experience. Please know that not all clinic, therapists, or forms of treatment are the same. Just because one didn’t work for you does not mean that you are doomed and that nothing else will work.


How do I get rid of my Back Pain?

If you are ready to figure out what is causing your back pain and to figure out what you can do to resolve it, I urge you to speak with one of our therapists. The conversation will be all about you, what your life looks like and what you want it to look like, how this pain is holding you back and some advice and guidance for you to start feeling better.

Click HERE to request to speak with one of our therapists


We’ve here for you for whatever you need and for whenever you decide that you are ready.

Rooting for you,


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