Athletic Therapy Assessment

Certified Athletic Therapist: $90
Certification Candidate: $80
Complete orthopedic assessment of your injury and contributing factors, followed by an initial treatment to get you started on your way to recovery.

Athletic Therapy Treatment

Certified Athletic Therapist $80
Certification Candidate $70
Treatments include therapeutic modalities, manual techniques and home exercise program so you know exactly what you should be doing between appointments to help the healing process.


  • Appointments with a “Advanced Athletic Therapist” are available upon request or referral. The above fee structure does not apply when seeing an Advanced Athletic Therapist. Please call or email for more details.
  • If you are looking to book an Appointment for treatment of a Concussion or Post Concussion Syndrome, please call or email to ensure you are booked with a therapist that specializes in Concussions.
  • A Certified Athletic Therapist has completed a Bachelors degree, an Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy and a National Certification Exam.
  • An Athletic Therapy Certification Candidate has completed an Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy but has not yet completed their National Certification Exam and may or may not have completed their Bachelors degree.


Individual Concussion Management Package $150

This service includes baseline testing and in the event of a concussion or suspected concussion, all follow up treatment.

Group/Team Concussion Management Package

The per player cost for different groups, teams or activity may differs based on the number of individuals in the group, the length of the season, and concussion rate for the activity. We will happily provide an individualized estimate for each group or team in order to ensure we meet your needs at the best possible price. Email us for a complimentary quote.