1.) How is athletic therapy different than physiotherapy?
Physiotherapist have a very broad scope of practice and work in a variety of different environments (home care, hospital settings, Spinal cord injury rehab, etc.). We have a smaller more specialized scope of practice for injuries to muscles, bones, joints, etc. Our approach tends to be more individualized, more one on one, more hands on, and more exercise based.
2.) Can I claim Athletic Therapy on my extended health insurance?
Yes! Most insurance companies will reimburse you for an Athletic Therapy Appointment the same way they will for other disciplines. Every individual health care plan is different so make sure you call and ask if Athletic Therapy is covered in your package. ( Another tip – because athletic therapy is such a small profession, sometimes it isn’t listed in the booklet insued about your plan! Don’t be afraid to call and ask someone who knows the in’s and out’s of what is covered. And don’t forget to mention that we are fully Certified Athletic Therapist and the receipt we provide you will have our certification / registration number on in!)
3.) What should I wear to the appointment?
Please wear loose fitting, stretchy, and thin clothing that allows you to move during your appointment. We will also need to be able to see where your injury is with no clothing in the area. For example for lower body injuries, please wear athletic shorts. For upper body injuries, wear a Tank top or sleeveless shirt. Please no jeans, belts, or thick/ restrictive fabrics.
4.) I need to complete a concussion baseline test for my sport. What should I expect?
  • A Concussion Baseline Test is completed preseason and includes two tests ; a one on one evaluation done with an examiner called a “SCAT3” ( Sideline Concussion Assessment Tool 3) and a Computer test ( Concussion Vital Signs Neurocognitive evaluation).
  • If you are attending testing with your team in a large group setting, please confirm the location as it is most often done at an alternate location and not at the Competitive Edge clinic.
  • In a large group/ team setting this testing takes two hours for the athlete with a small amount of wait time in the first hour. Parents are welcome to sign their child in at the check in table and return to pick them up.
  • Please remember to bring your Parent and Athlete Understanding and Agreement form signed by both the parent and athlete.
5.) I have already completed a baseline test and am enrolled in the concussion management program with my team. I think I may have a concussion. What should I do?
  • If you feel it is necessary, proceed to a medical facility of your choosing.
  • When the situation is not emergent, please contact Competitive Edge as soon as possible. We would like to book you an evaluation in the clinic for as soon as possible and help guide you in the best way to recover from your injury as quickly and safely as possible.
  • We strive to book these evaluations for as soon as possible but if there is a small amount of wait time between the injury and your appointment, please read the Concussion Do’s and Don’ts document to learn the best way to rest before your appointment at Competitive Edge.