Do you live in South Calgary?!

   Friday, December 6, 2019

   Competitive Edge

Have you heard that hear at Competitive Edge we’ve decided to expand a little? Over the last couple of months we have spread our wings and started providing Athletic Therapy a few nights a week down in South Calgary!
If you’re asking yourself “what does that mean?”, it means that we have now opened ourselves up to all you lovely people in South Calgary!

Where is your South Calgary Location?

We are located very close to Chinook mall, so we are not far from downtown and just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the train. Additionally, our friends at Spectrum Therapeutics have
been more than kind to allow us to use a room within their space a couple of nights a week!

What can I expect at your South Calgary Location?

You can expect the same amazing services that we offer at our North location! This means a hands on approach to your injury, ache, or pain with one of our talented Athletic Therapists. At this location your treatment will occur in a private room. We are also able to run our concussion management program here as well, so our sports teams and athletes who are located more on the South side of town can also feel free to book an appointment here as well!

Which Athletic Therapists are vailable at your South Calgary Location?

On Wednesdays we wear pink! Just kidding but, Michelle (who loves the colour pink) will be here on Wednesday nights between 4pm-8pm.

On Fridays between 4pm-8pm our therapist, Ally will be taking charge! Don’t let her size fool you, she’s tiny but mighty as many of her clients will tell you. Checkout their therapist profiles for more information.

We wanted to expand our reach not just for the sake of growing as a business but to help satisfy our clients in a more wholesome way. I can’t tell you how many times I would here “I really wish you guys had a South Calgary location”… well now we do! Being a small business that is well rooted already at our North location we wanted to jump right in and help broaden our Spectrum! So if you are looking for assistance with your injury, ache or pain feel free to contact us today and book an athletic therapy appointment down here in South Calgary. We would be more than happy to get to the root cause of your injury and help you thrive back into all your activities!

Written by Michelle Gaudet,

Certified Athletic Therapist