“Do I need to do what my Doctor tells me to? “

   Thursday, October 6, 2022

   Competitive Edge

Lindsay Langlais discussing Do I need to do what my doctor tells me

“Do I need to take this medication my doctor prescribed?”

“My doctor told me not to do any physical activity- Do I need to stop everything?”

“Do I REALLY need surgery?!”

“I don’t want injections- do I have to have them?”

“My doctor doesn’t think I need an MRI but I feel I do!”


Do any of these things sound like something you’ve said or thought? At Competitive Edge, we get asked all the time ” Do I need to do what my doctor tells me to?”

Check out this video about how I answer this question and my advice for you if you’re not comfortable with what your doctor has recommended.


The short answer, believe it or not, is NO!

This is YOUR body we are talking about. This is YOUR health. And therefore you need to decide what you feel is best and what you are or are not comfortable with.

Your doctors prescription is a recommendation. It is there to help you in this decision making process. They are there to apply their knowledge and expertise and to help you make an informed decision. But at the end of the day it is your choice whether to follow their recommendation or not.

Why did your doctor recommend that in the first place?

However, I would also like to mention that they wouldn’t be recommending or prescribing something that they didn’t think was best for you. They have a lot of education and a lot of practical expeirence helping people just like you with their health. So they are recommending that course of treatment for a reason.

My biggest piece of advice is to advocate for yourself. Ask the doctor about the goal behind the recommendation. Is it just to help decrease your pain so that you can cope? Or is the goal to eliminate the root cause of the pain?  Maybe there is a more conservative option that you can try first.

Make your feelings and opinion about treatment known. Ask questions and be an active participant in bettering your health. Advocate for yourself.

Any good doctor would be happy to answer your questions and explain their reasoning behind the recommendation.

You have the right to ask your doctor questions!

You have a right to understand what is going on with your body and to understand the recommended course of treatment before you start it. And… you also have the right to think about it for a while and ask questions at another time.


Get a Second Opinion

If you are struggling with an injury, ache or pain and are wanting a second opinion- request to speak with one of our therapist on the phone. This 15 minute conversation is a no pressure, no commitment way to gather some information about your injury and an alternate ( and possibly more conservative) approach to eliminating your pain!

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If you’re not ready to speak with someone

Not sure about us just yet? That’s ok. We know that it can be hard to know who to trust in the health care system and we never want you to feel rushed in to making a decision if you just aren’t ready.

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Worried about the Cost – We get it!

Competitive Edge Sport Therapy helps active adults and athletes who feel like they have tried it all- to FINALLY resolve their pain and get back to the life they love….. without every juggling one client at a time.  We know that cost and availability can be a big factor and are happy to answer all of your questions before you ever make the decision to come in to see us. Click HERE to get more info about availability and cost.

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