Do you have a chronic injury that is tying you down and limiting you from doing everything you love? Don’t worry, we are here to help you through that journey!

Many people come to us when their body finally says it has had enough. This means they are in a state of dysfunction, what does that mean? Essentially, the body has taken enough strain from our daily compensation patterns that we have adapted to as a result of pain in one or multiple regions in the body. When we reach that state is when we begin to have chronic issues where we have to change our regular methods of doing one activity so that we can still do it if this continues to happen eventually we sometimes have to eliminate those activities altogether. Who wants to do that?

What do I do?

Get assessed by someone with the knowledge and skills to help you get better! It seems obvious right? By asking a full history of questions related to the injury, assessing the injury as a whole and providing feedback we can work together in helping get you better and provide some education to shed some light on the problem at hand. This is why we are always asking you about some of those injuries you thought were maybe minor back in the day, or sometimes even relating back to when you were born! Sometimes we have been dealing with and adapting to these changes for quite a while throughout the course of our lives. 

Progress Not Perfection With Athletic Therapy 

This is a quote I find quite profound when it comes to the recovery process. Many people constantly strive for perfection and want to be the best they can be. Well, as we know the recovery process is not always a straight line so, sometimes we can’t get perfection right from day one. That’s why progress is so important. Like I said above, the body has adapted for a period of time therefore, it would only make sense that it is going to also take time to correct that change. You may not be 100% back at all your activities after your first appointment but, we can definitely help get you closer to those activities with a little time and patience. For example, if your goal is to get back to running pain-free for 5km an Athletic Therapist will help you get there. We will set out a plan with different milestones to hit along the way until that 5km dream is now a possibility! You probably won’t get there in one shot but, with a little help and some time we can get you back to the activities you love the most!

It’s not always an easy road to recovery but, with some help we can help you reach your goals and get back to all of your activities. There may be some speed bumps along the way, just know this is perfectly natural. Sometimes old injuries rear their ugly heads as we fix others. We would love to help you progress effectively and return safely to all your activities.










Written by Michelle Gaudet

Certified Athletic Therapist

Competitive Edge Sport Therapy

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