Muscle Soreness vs. Injury Pain

   Monday, April 2, 2018

   Competitive Edge

As your Athletic Therapist, we ask about your pain a lot. We use your pain scale as a diagnostic tool, to help us create your individualized treatment plan, as a progression marker and as a guide to create the most effective rehab exercises for you. But there are two general types of pain you may be feeling,…

Low Back Pain Does Not Always Mean a Disc Injury: A Success Story

   Wednesday, March 14, 2018

   Competitive Edge

The human body has intervertebral discs between vertebrae which provide shock absorption and separation. Throughout the day, these discs get compressed and can then become the culprit. The typical scenario is when you bend over to one side and try to lift something using primarily your back while also twisting. The “bulging” disc is when the disc…

Sports Therapy VS. Athletic Therapy: What’s the Difference?

   Wednesday, February 14, 2018

   Competitive Edge

So we have a little secret to tell you… we try to be patient…we try to re-explain and simplify… we try to be polite and not correct you too often… but nothing grinds our gears more than spending the better part of a conversation explaining to someone what Athletic Therapy is only to have them follow up with…

Everything is Connected! Athletic Therapy Success Story

   Tuesday, January 9, 2018

   Competitive Edge

If you have ever heard your Therapist say “Everything is connected”, and you had a hard time believing them, here is a client success story that proves just that. A couple weeks ago I had a client come in with an old plantar fasciitis injury that had become re-aggravated. This injury occurs when the fascia at the bottom of your…

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Find The Root Cause To Fix Your Back Pain

Check out Amy’s story about how we were able to help her get her life back! She is once again hiking, boxing, and able to make it through work without back pain.

Foot Pain Relief When Nothing Else Worked!

This is Lori! Check out her story about how we were able to resolve her foot pain when physio, orthotics and stretching didn’t work!

Back Pain, hip tightness, kidney stones

This is one of our amazing clients, Sherry. Check out her story about how we were able to resolve not only her hip tightness and back pain but to also help her avoid surgery for her kidney stones! Amazing client success story! Thanks Sherry!

Frozen Shoulder that moves again!

Check out Bens story about dislocating BOTH his shoulders, having surgery, getting frozen shoulder and how we were able to work WITH his physiotherapist in a team approach that got him back moving again!

Neck Pain and Tightness resolved with Athletic Therapy!

Check out this client’s success story about how we were able to help him with his neck pain, tightness, and other whole body tightness and get him back working as a baggage handler.

Client Success Story – Knee Pain

Here is how we were able to help a client with her knee pain- without ever laying hands on her!