Tight Hamstrings or Tight Nerves…?

   Thursday, October 5, 2017

   Competitive Edge

If you find yourself constantly rolling and stretching your hamstrings to no avail keeping you from reaching your goal of finally being able to touch your toes, it might not be your hamstrings that are tight at all, it might be nerve tightness!! Your nerves run from the base of your skull all the way through your body. Each nerve…

Your Hip Flexors are not the enemy! #stopthewaronyourhipflexors

   Saturday, August 26, 2017

   Competitive Edge

Your hip flexors are not the enemy! When you think about it, they are pretty darn important. They allow you to lift your leg to walk and run, they hold you upright when you are seated, they allow you to bend forward to reach the ground and essentially hold your legs on to your body! Here they are working their…

Athletic Therapy Success Story: Headlocks and a Hyoid

   Monday, July 31, 2017

   Competitive Edge

This most recent success story comes from a road trip that Micah was on. An athlete was dealing with a super tight, sore, and stiff neck, shoulder and low back. It has been bothering her as long as she can remember. No matter what she did, massage, chiro, rolling out, physio, it simply wouldn’t help, and often gave her…

Athletic Therapy Success Story: Post Concussion Syndrome

   Tuesday, June 27, 2017

   Competitive Edge

This most recent success story is about post concussive syndrome. Post concussive syndrome, or PCS, is when your concussive symptoms last for more than about three weeks after the time of your injury. It affects about 15-20% people recovering from concussions. The effects of PCS can last months, and even years. I recently had a patient referred to me…

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Foot Pain Relief When Nothing Else Worked!

This is Lori! Check out her story about how we were able to resolve her foot pain when physio, orthotics and stretching didn’t work!

Back Pain, hip tightness, kidney stones

This is one of our amazing clients, Sherry. Check out her story about how we were able to resolve not only her hip tightness and back pain but to also help her avoid surgery for her kidney stones! Amazing client success story! Thanks Sherry!

Frozen Shoulder that moves again!

Check out Bens story about dislocating BOTH his shoulders, having surgery, getting frozen shoulder and how we were able to work WITH his physiotherapist in a team approach that got him back moving again!

Neck Pain and Tightness resolved with Athletic Therapy!

Check out this client’s success story about how we were able to help him with his neck pain, tightness, and other whole body tightness and get him back working as a baggage handler.

Client Success Story – Knee Pain

Here is how we were able to help a client with her knee pain- without ever laying hands on her!