For Runners with Pain/Injuries!

   Friday, May 6, 2022

   Competitive Edge

It’s that time of year when the weather turns nice and we all want to be outside in the fresh air.  Many people take up running in the spring.  You might even be tempted to register in some races to help motivate you! However…

Shin Splints when Running or Walking

   Tuesday, May 3, 2022

   Competitive Edge

What are shin splints? There are so many things that can cause shin splints- but at the end of the day… it hurts in your shins. This is often something that is felt when we start walking or running, get a new pair of shoes, or just find ourselves standing on a hard surface for a long period of time.   What…

Bunion Relief without Surgery

   Friday, April 29, 2022

   Competitive Edge

If you know, you know! Bunions are the worst! You would think that such a small body part couldn’t make such a big impact on your body but it can! If you have Bunions, you might suffer with Pain with walking or running, especially up a hill/ incline or long distances Pain after sitting for too long or when waking…

Knee Pain when Running (Run Tips for RMSC)

   Tuesday, April 12, 2022

   Competitive Edge

Have you ever googled the phrase “Knee pain when running”? Do it. I’ll wait… The advice that pops up is nothing short of infuriating. The type of advice you will see is: limiting your mileage or progress your running more slowly stop training/running and just rest apply ice take pain medication   “But I don’t want to stop running because of knee…

Hear what our clients are saying
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Multiple Injuries and Consistent Progress

Meet Peter! We have helped him with not one, not two… but three different injuries! He is back on his feet and is training to backpack across Scotland in the “the great outdoor challenge” with his two sons!!

Foot Pain Relief When Nothing Else Worked!

This is Lori! Check out her story about how we were able to resolve her foot pain when physio, orthotics and stretching didn’t work!

Try it- It’s better than anything I’ve tried

” I’m happier because I’m not in as much pain. You know by the team you leave, you’re going to feel way better. Try it! It’s better than anything I’ve tried. And I’ve tried everything”

They answer ALL of my questions

” I like that I can speak openly with the Athletic Therapist I work with.- She’s answering all of my questions so it makes me understand what is happening”

Don’t Think It’s For Athlete’s Only!

” … It’s the best kept secret. Don’t let the name Athletic Therapy fool you. It’s for everyone and it will help you!-  If you  haven’t done it, you need to do it. It’s life changing”

Worried about her ability to do her job!

This is Jennifer. She injured her shoulder doing an exercise class. Other therapies didn’t work and she began to worry about her ability to do her job!

When No One Understands Your Pain

Paula thought her pain was in her head because no one was able to explain or relieve it….. until someone recommended us!

Our Clients have some things to tell You

Here’s what our clients said when we asked them “What would you say to anyone suffering with an injury, ache or pain?”

Mom of 2 recovered from Shoulder and Foot Pain

“I had some chronic pain that got to a point where I said… I don’t want to live like this! I’m still young. I have 2 children.”


Where you feel the pain isn’t necessarily where it is!

“I would say give it a try. You don’t know unless you try and I was the same. It was a life/ game changer because it was so different. It is definitely worth your health and why wouldn’t you if it’s going to make you feel better”

Find The Root Cause To Fix Your Back Pain

Check out Amy’s story about how we were able to help her get her life back! She is once again hiking, boxing, and able to make it through work without back pain.

Back Pain, hip tightness, kidney stones

This is one of our amazing clients, Sherry. Check out her story about how we were able to resolve not only her hip tightness and back pain but to also help her avoid surgery for her kidney stones! Amazing client success story! Thanks Sherry!

Frozen Shoulder that moves again!

Check out Bens story about dislocating BOTH his shoulders, having surgery, getting frozen shoulder and how we were able to work WITH his physiotherapist in a team approach that got him back moving again!

Neck Pain and Tightness resolved with Athletic Therapy!

Check out this client’s success story about how we were able to help him with his neck pain, tightness, and other whole body tightness and get him back working as a baggage handler.