Athletic Therapy Success Story: Post Concussion Syndrome

   Tuesday, June 27, 2017

   Competitive Edge

This most recent success story is about post concussive syndrome. Post concussive syndrome, or PCS, is when your concussive symptoms last for more than about three weeks after the time of your injury. It affects about 15-20% people recovering from concussions. The effects of PCS can last months, and even years. I recently had a patient referred to me from a different practitioner who had reached a plateau in their progress. The symptoms that result from PCS can be treated with various techniques. This patient was getting headaches, and feeling pressure building up inside the head. I found that the junction between the face and the skull was sitting crooked, and very tight. This is important because it this joint is what allows for proper movement inside the head. It is like an axis that the face and skull pivot around. When it gets tight, it can easily create feelings of pressure in your forehead, headaches in your forehead and temples, and even systemic nerve issues. After two weeks of working to release and realign the joint, an almost complete reduction in concussion symptoms was noted.


While I can’t change the fact that you may have sustained a concussion, I can often help with the symptoms experienced. I can also help to make sure your head and neck are not contributing to the symptoms, to aid in a speedy recovery!


Written by Micah Reim, Certified Athletic Therapist

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