Looking For Athletic Therapy In Calgary?

At Competitive Edge we love helping active adults and athletes who feel like they have tried it all to finally resolve their pain and get back to the life they love… without ever juggling more than one client at a time.

Have you found our site because you’re looking to work with an athletic therapist in Calgary? Have you been recommended to try athletic therapy? Or maybe you’re just looking for something different than the treatment you have already tried.

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

When pain and problems like concussions, headaches, neck/ back/ shoulder/ knee pain  hits, it’s tempting to think “it’ll go away if I just rest” or even pretend like it never happened…

Unfortunately, oftentimes the problem festers, slowly getting worse, impacting your lifestyle and disrupting your happiness.

Things like pain medications, injections, or other services like chiropractic, massage, or acupuncture may provide some relief…but then the symptoms return and you feel even more helpless.

Athletic Therapy, not only gets rid of your pain, but also finds the root cause of the pain so your pain STAYS AWAY and so you can get back to your normal lifestyle.

We know you’re skeptical. Likely you’ve been to other healthcare practitioners in the past and nothing they’ve done has helped you or your problems.

We Understand.

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Most of our clients in Calgary have often:

🙁 Tried treatment elsewhere, sometimes even at other sport therapy clinics, and had poor experiences and results.

🙁 Thought the pain would go away on its own it they just rested, only to find that it doesn’t.

🙁 Been told by a friend or family member that their pain or problem is just “a normal part of getting older” and to accept it.

🙁 Have been to the doctor and been told that their only options are “painkillers, surgery, or injections”.

🙁 Have tried exercises from YouTube, their personal trainer, or other fitness studios but found they only aggravated the pain and made their problems worse.

🙁 Have had surgery, injections, or used painkillers only to have minimal or even no success.

Do any of those sound like you?

If you relate, then we would love to help you by setting up a time for you to talk to one of our Athletic Therapists here in Calgary and to find out what how we can help you.

Who We Help

Active Adults

Who want to run, hike, workout and even travel without having to give up their active past times.

Busy Moms and Dads

Who need to be able to pick up, wrestle, rock, play, soothe and chase their little ones without pain cramping their parenting style.

Adults who have been in Motor Vehicle Accidents

And want to get back to work and to life without relying on medication.


Who want to get back to their sport without being told to stop activity all together.


With a physically demanding job who need to keep their bodies feeling their best to keep them safe at work and to give them a long and healthy career.

Adults Frustrated By The Medical System

Who recognize there must be something proactive they could be doing, but they keep being told the solution is medication, surgeries and rest.

Weekend Warriors

Who want the ability to play hard on the weekend without paying for it later

Adults with Chronic Pain

Who are experiencing chronic pain and who want to AVOID the use of drugs, injections or surgery so you can live the life they were meant to live.

In the end, we love to help people who don’t want to live with pain anymore to get back to the lifestyle that they love, by getting to the root of the problem when everything else has failed.

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Here’s a few people we have helped recently in Calgary:

Lori’s back pain doesn’t stop her from doing what she wants anymore!

“After being bedridden for just over a week with severe pain, I made my first appointment. Within two appointments I was able to walk with a walker and drive my car.”

Josh is back to football and at the top of his game!

“I would highly recommend Lindsay and Competitive Edge Sport Therapy to absolutely anyone. I know for my future injuries, I will definitely go back to see Lindsay as I know that she will help me fully recover”

Want To Get Relief Faster?

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